FAQ & Answers

Common Questions About Security Services

What do security and protection services cost?
It depends upon the level of services, the quantity of personnel and equipment and other factors. We offer Free Proposals for any of our services.
What are your payment options?
We accept major credit cards, company checks, ACH bank transfers, and some personal checks. Billing terms vary according to the client and type of service.
Are your security people professionally trained?
Yes. In addition to completing thorough background checks on our staff, they receive in-house training for their respective assignments. Our armed security personnel have completed all government courses required for a professional security officer in the State of Georgia.
What is your geographical service area?
We provide general services such as security guards, and security equipment installations in the greater metro Atlanta area. We accept assignments for personal protection,including foreign travel security, on a case-by-case basis. We can travel out to meet incoming dignitaries, celebrities or executives.
What exactly can a security guard do to offenders?
We understand that carrying out security services must be done with consideration of laws and liability risks. Our security guards act within the bounds of Federal and State laws. Each guard or supervisor will be provided written duties and procedures that have been developed from discussions between the client and our company. Obviously, in dire situations our guards will take the most prudent action to preserve the safety of those involved. Security guards are trained to detain offenders, and know the legalities for executing a citizen’s arrest. If the security officer believes that making a citizen's arrest might compromise safety, the guard will call 911 for immediate police assistance.
Is Manning & Associates a generic national security company?
No. Our company is locally owned and with active management by owner Wayne Manning. As a locally owned business, and mid-sized security company, we can offer more personalized security services. Additionally, our clients appreciate the assurance of quality services because of owner involvement.
What is required to be a security guard in Georgia?
See our security service career page for more information. The qualifications for an unarmed guard in Georgia are not overly strict. To become an armed security guard you must pass certain professional training, background checks and more.
Do you have off-duty police officers available?
Yes. We have retired and off-duty police officers available for various engagements. We also have security guards and protection specialists with military training.