Security Camera Systems

Visual monitoring of your business, home or property

Security camera systems are a key part of your overall premise security plan. Camera systems can allow you to monitor activity throughout your business, home or outdoor areas. We offer turnkey services to design security camera systems, furnish and install equipment, and train our clients. We offer a wide range of hgih quality security camera components with pass through warranties.

Why you need a professional security camera company

First, selecting compatible components, wiring and mounting and calibrating equipment is not particulary easy. Many small business owners opt to go online and buy a cheap security camera package. The online "camera packages" sell based on price, not necessarily performance, reliability or durability. Often, overlooking basic specifications can result in getting a CCTV system that does not meet your needs. We understand electrical requirements and how to choose components that work well together. It is very important to have compatibility of components, and equipment of reasonably high quality.

Our experts can consult with you on performance specs and tell you what really matters. You have options such as network IP cameras, HD-SDI cameras, infrered cameras, and traditional CCTV cameras. For example, a 720p resolution security camera can take a fair recording of people or vehicles in parking lots. A 1080p resolution security camera takes better images, i.e., you can read licene plate numbers on vehicles. Higher end camera systems have features like DVR hard drive for recording, remote viewing capability, infrared detection for night vision, motion activation with email alerts, wide angle lens, weather proof cases, zoom and color display. We can guide you through the process of evaluating the best video camera system for your business or home.

Get 24/7 viewing of your business, home or property

Closed circuit television (CCTV) systems can be configured for centralized or multiple areas for monitoring. Some video surveillance systems can also be viewed remotely (from your home or mobile device). Remote access is especially helpful if you have alarm systems that are prone to false activation, or need to monitor employees, children or baby sitters.

Security camera systems are a good investment

A business security camera system can increase your customer’s sense of safety, and save your business money by lowering risks of crimes that hit your bottom line. Your insurance rates may be lower when you have a digital security and surveillance system.

Video surveillance equipment that we offer includes:

  • Remote Control Cameras
  • Digital & IP Security Cameras
  • 1080p Parking Lot Cameras
  • Weatherproof Security Cameras
  • Night Vision Security Cameras
  • Wireless Security Cameras
  • Network Monitoring
  • Dome Cameras
  • Box Cameras
  • Bullet Cameras
  • Motion Tracking PTZ
  • Nanny Cams Cameras
  • System Design
  • Cabling & Electrical
  • Backup Power Supplies
  • DVR Video Recorders
  • System Upgrades
  • Off-site Monitoring

Get a free security camera system quote

There's no cost to find out how much a security camera system costs. Give us a call today or contact us online to learn more about digital surveillance solutions. We will gladly discuss your options and provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE for professionally installed security cameras and related systems. If you have bigger needs, yet a tight budget, we can develop a plan to install your system in phases. This approach provides to progressive security improvements and cost control. We also sell and install access control systems.

An Atlanta source for turnkey security camera systems

We offer security camera systems design, equipment sales and installation.

Reasons for CCTV Systems

  • capture crime evidence
  • deter armed robbers
  • vandalism prevention
  • monitor parking lots
  • loss prevention/shoplifting
  • inhibit employee misconduct
  • monitor cash registers
  • observe workplace activity
  • monitor customer traffic
  • record suspicious activity
  • watch doorways and gates