Personal Protection

Personal protection for high net worth and everyday people

Our personal protection services include the experience and people you need to deal with any threat. From developing personal security plans to providing bodyguards and training, we can find the solution you need. We commit the resources and assets required to protect the life and safety of individuals and family members. Beyond bodyguard services our personal protection services can include estate security services to protect your home.

Developing your personal protection plan

The first order of business is to meet with a senior personal protection specialists. Your specialist will walk you through a confidential interview process. The interview enables us to gain an understanding of your predicament, and advise you of potential solutions. When the interview process is concluded, and we have your feedback, we can begin to map out your custom security plan.

Types of things we need to know

Your senior advisor and bodyguard (or protection team) need to know:

  • The person(s) who they are to protect including information to become familiar with the client(s).
  • The person or entity posing a threat including their capabilities and motivation to harm our client(s).
  • The normal daily routines of our client(s). This enables us identify low and high risk situations.
  • The anticipated length and nature of service including requirements for long distance travel, premise protection, etc.
  • Information on any Temporary Protective Orders (TPO), restraining orders, prior police intervention, etc.

Long term personal protection services

Long term personal protection services require greater thought in planning and implemention. In these situations our bodyguards and security team members develop a professional relationship with our client(s). This means pairing our client(s) with security personnel that blend well into the client's lifestyle.

Taking personal protection up a notch

Severe threats and problems may necessitate adding security equipment such as video security cameras, guard dogs, phone call recording technology or outdoor security lighting. In some instances we may train our client(s) on basic self defense techniques, situational awareness and how to think like their adversary to anticipate potential problems.

Learn more with a free consultation for personal protection

If you are anticipating or experiencing a threat to yourself or your family we encourage you to give us a call. We offer a free phone consultation with a senior protection specialist. Hiring our security and protection company may be the right thing to do. Calling us to discuss your situation will give you the information you need to make the right decision. You may use our online form to contact a personal protection consultant, or you may call us between 8:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m. EST. We're here to help you with any situation requiring personal protection services in Atlanta.

If you are facing any type of imminent threat you should immediately call 911.

CALL 911 for any imminent threat!

Executive Protection

Our executive protection services are a related personal protection service. This level of service is appropriate for dignitaries, celebrities and other high profile people or groups.